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A New Movement by Soraya Halabi

There is a real sense that winter is politely making way for Spring and Summer, and what an inspirational feeling Spring can give you. Here at Lounge & Linger we are thrilled to introduce a whole new collection of furniture. Introducing new furniture for events can be a creatively intoxicating experience. With our world ever changing it only seem natural to start a movement within, our Modular Furniture is moving in more ways than one. Even more far reaching are our new very shiny bars and back bar, in both gold and silver. 

With a vision to inspire and embrace an industry that constantly delivers the most breath-taking events in some draw dropping venues, London really does hold a positive addictive energy to work in. Most recently, Café de Paris was the chosen one for the Barbican Ball, effortlessly organised by the wonderful Quintessentially & Co. Collaborating on this worthwhile event, really meant something, giving back can only make the world a better place. 



And on that note…

here’s to a fruitful and generous Spring and Summer.    


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