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Tables speak for themselves...  they have got to be the most versatile piece of furniture in any event or home. They are often a second thought and get left behind as not important, but they are important, they are so so important. They are 'givers' a helping hand. They can make a room feel light, they can make a room feel heavy. They display your flowers, they display your wedding cake, they look after your cocktail when you decide to jump up for a quick dance. They are impactful, and complimentary and come in so many shapes and sizes.  Lounge and Linger collection of tables includes grand statement coffee tables in super golds, to the more unique black and white handcrafted coffee tables which are great for shoots., we have so many variations to choose from. Tables are easily placed in any room and space acting as a prop that perfectly completes the stage. Discovery is in the eye of the table.

Browse our complete Table hire range below, and please do get in touch if you'd like any information on our Table hire.

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